testimonials_videoChristy’s written testimonial

“Hi, my name is Christie. I’m 32 years old.

I just graduated from college in May. I started showing symptoms in June,
and I was diagnosed with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer on July 31st,
2013. That week was pretty much a whirlwind; I went into Dr. Schaefer-
Cutillo’s office, and I unexpectedly spent 8 hours getting biopsies done. I
got my diagnosis, and on August 2nd I started my chemotherapy. And
during that time I kept joking with the women of Specialty Fittings—I’ve
donated my hair to Locks of Love three times, so why can’t I donate my
hair to myself? That was on a Friday, when I got my chemo. And that
Monday, I came in to you guys [An’Tyrice] to donate my hair to myself. I
knew that there was going to be a very short period of time that I was
going to be able to do anything with my hair, so once I did find out that it
could possibly be done, that’s when I made the appointment, and two days
later I came in and had it all chopped off.

Along with a slew of other side effects, everything was out of my hands, everything that I had control of, I was losing control of. All these things were being done to my body; I was getting visible scars put on my body, and this was one of the few things that I could do that I had control over. I was going to cut off my hair before it was going to get taken from me.

I love my wig. It makes me feel like myself, and it doesn’t advertise that I have cancer to strangers. I don’t like scars because I feel like they’re a big bulletin board that let everybody know I have cancer. And I’m not embarrassed by it, but it’s not something that I need to have people know all the time. And when I want to wear my hats, I wear my has, but I feel like myself when I wear my wig. I feel connected to the person who I was before I was diagnosed.

Thank you. Thank you An’Tyrice Salon.

Cancer has a way of trying to define you, but with this [wig], this doesn’t define me. This reminds me of who I am. And when I put this on, and I look in the mirror, I am reminded of who I am and who that person was before I got diagnosed.

When I came in that day to cut my hair off, I was very upset and very nervous. When you’ve always had long hair, it’s kind of frightening to get a short haircut, let alone know that you’re going to be losing your hair and cutting it off as short as possible. But when I came in, Angeline and Janique were so sweet, and they made me feel so welcome that I was actually smiling and happy while they were cutting my hair off. They did the cuts that I couldn’t see first and that helped me have control. I highly recommend anyone that’s had a recent diagnosis to come to Antyrice Salon, see Angeline, get a consultation, and donate your hair. Time is of the essence; I lost my hair within two weeks of starting chemo, and I’m so thankful that I did this, because otherwise I wouldn’t’ have my own hair.”

I came across Wigs by Angelline when I read an article, in the Hudson Valley Magazine, about her service in creating wigs with a person’s own hair. When I called them the staff were kind and patient with me. I came in for my consultation very confused; however I left the salon well informed and confident knowing that soon I would be getting my hair back. I also left with a cute pixie cut that I rocked for a month. When my wig arrived I did not believe that I was looking at a wig with my very own hair. It was an emotional experience and the staff were there to comfort me throughout the process. I left the salon feeling like my own self again. I couldn’t ask for a better experience with Angelline.

Sarah J. Poughkeepsie, NY

I came to Angelline at her salon on a random day to inquire about her wigs. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and me feel comfortable. After I was done with my questions, she asked if I wanted to order the wig today. She was going to measure my head and give me a pixie cut. Although I didn’t feel ready, I knew it was a good idea to just get it over with, Angelline did the entire process that day. A few days later I was lucky I did it, because my doctor told me I had to go in for chemotherapy the next month. Just when I was starting my chemotherapy I had a beautiful wig with my own hair! I am so thankful for the wig and service the staff gave me.

Barbara H. Wappingers Falls, NY

I was unfortunate enough to not have known of Wigs by Angelline before my chemotherapy removed almost all of my hair. However, I still went to the shop in order to find out if I was able to get a wig. To my surprise I actually was able to get my own custom wig. She helped me pick out which texture, length and type of wig that would best suit my lifestyle. After three weeks my wig finally arrived and it was everything I wanted and more! Although I did not have a wig made out of my own hair, I still had a wig that was well constructed. I treat the wig as if it was my own hair. I always get compliments about it!

Yvonne B. Wappingers Falls, NY

I first want to say thank you to Angelline Smalls for being so patient, understanding and caring throughout my emotional process. I cried the first day I met her because I was so happy that I found an organization that suited me and offered so much. She reassured me that everything was going to come out that way that I wanted my wig to look like. She cut my hair and left me with some hair that I was comfortable with. Within only three and a half weeks, my wig arrived and it was breathtaking because I didn’t think I was able to have this opportunity in having my own hair on my head again. She even styled the wig on me with nice curls, it felt like I was at back at the salon again getting my hair done before chemotherapy. I am truly blessed.

Samantha V. Fishkill, NY

I have been wearing wigs for good portion of my life and I’ve had many hits, but mostly misses. The whole process used to stress me out, because there was always a risk that I was going to spend a fortune on a wig that would eventually wear out within a month or two. However, I heard of Wigs by Angelline in the Hudson Valley Magazine and I decided to try them out for the heck of it. I first called the salon and the receptionist was welcoming, she helped me schedule my consultation. Once I arrived I had my consultation with the receptionist since Angelline was very booked that day. The woman answered my major concerns and reassured me that the hair that I was purchasing was the best of the best. Together, we looked at many textures of hair and we picked out which hair type and texture was suitable for me. I ended up picking out Malaysian Body Wave Full Lace Wig and I have been obsessed with my wig ever since it arrived. It is easy to manage and the texture feels just as good as I first felt it.

Gloria M. Walkill, NY

Dying or Coloring of Your Wigs

These wigs are especially made for cancer patient survivors using their own natural hair. Being able to make wigs with the person’s own hair, especially for women who’s experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy autoimmune diseases and alopecia, is a personal fulfillment, not only for Angelline, for her clients.

Custom Wigs for Cancer Patients

I never thought I would be the person that would be such an advocate for a wig company like ” Wigs By Angelline.” If you would have told me that I would have Breast Cancer and lose my hair in a matter of weeks I would have told you that you were lying, but thats exactly what happened to me. My hair was always been long and blonde and personally something that I always loved about myself. Losing my hair felt like losing a piece of myself that I didn’t know if I would ever get back. But after finding Angelline and her company I feel like that little piece of me is back and even stronger than ever.Thank you so much Angelline and I am so happy with the outcome of my wig! – Dora Viviano

Dora Viviano

​I found out about ” Wigs By Angelline,” through my sister, at first I was very reluctant about even going to the ” Cut For A Cure Event” I had seen what some companies considered “Human Hair Wigs” and I didn’t want to give my hopes up to thinking I would find a wig but hate the quality of it which has happened to me time and time again. When I got to the event I was greeted by two young ladies who started my consultation right away, they pulled samples of over 15 textures that they had on display and showed me the difference with each one. They even let me try them on!!!! Each wig seemed to mold to my head now if that is not a sign of a good wig to you then it should be because that is a indication of a good cap construction. My consultation took a total of 45 minutes and they discussed everything from the type of curl I wanted and what hair color would I like. When the consultation was done I was informed that my wig would take 4-6 weeks. In approximately one month I got a phone call from one of the young ladies that did my consultation. When I came in for my final consultation Angelline ( the owner) sat me in her chair and gave me an one on one wig session on how to put a wig on and how to maintain it. When I was finished and had my wig cut and styled to me I FELT LIKE A BRAND NEW WOMAN!!!! Had a wonderful experience. Love my new wig. I would recommend any and everyone who needs a wig to go and see Angelline . –Karen Tonge

Karen Tonge

I heard about this organization at my Oncologist Office, they were having a special event for October and it was to give cancer patients a new look! I met Angelline, who by the way is such a wonderful person, She took special care in helping me get just the right hairstyle. Needless to say I am very satisfied with my new look! Thank you so much Angelline! –Donna Schreiner

Donna Schreiner